Q: What is Soy wax? How is it different from a regular candle?
A: Soy wax contains NO toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which can often trigger allergies and they’re bad for the environment. Soy wax also burns a lot cooler than regular wax, meaning our products will also last a lot longer!

Q: Are your products Vegan?
A: Yes! We’re proud to say that all our home fragrance items are 100% Vegan and cruelty free, and all made here in the UK!

Q: How do I burn the wax products?
A: You’ll need to get your hands on an oil or wax burner! They often look like a little ceramic house, and you put a regular tea light inside and either sprinkle our wax crumbles or place a wax melt on the top of your burner. You can buy these burners in many places included Amazon, The Body Shop and Etsy!

Q: I have really sensitive skin, will any of your products be okay for me?
A: We carefully select our ingredients, always opting to use the safest and least harsh options we can. All our wax based products use soy wax and our pillow mists and made to be allergy friendly. Nevertheless, please always thoroughly read through all the ingredients and warnings before using any of our products. If any of our products contain ingredients you’re allergic to, we do not recommend you use them.